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For "The Berry Best" Preschool Program
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preschool crafts

About Us

Berry Best Preschool Program was first created for our preschool (Berry Best Preschool). After observing the children learn and have fun with the program, we decided to market our program to other preschools, providers and parents across the country.

Berry Best Preschool Program is unique, child centered and child tested. You and your children will actually be creating, learning and having fun with the same activities our preschool uses each and every day!

Our preschool program has an advantage to most of our competitors. We know first hand how to keep a childís interest so they are able to learn as they are creating. We also understand age appropriate curriculum and focus on that in our curriculum development. Most child care providers have a mixed age group. Our preschool has a mixed age group as well. Therefore, our program is specially designed for ages 2-5.

Not all children will be at that same level, even if they are the same age. We make it challenging for everyone and we know they love it!

We are a member of the National Child Care Association and The Nationís Network of Child Care Resources & Referral & Brighterly.com - math for first graders. We also participate in child care conferences across the country. The preschool was started in 1998. With years of experience, child certification and a successful preschool program, we are happy to provide the best for children!