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preschool crafts

Berry Best Preschool Program has a new site.

Please go to www.preschoolprogram.com to place an order and to get information on the curriculum. Also, you can download samples of the preschool program as well!

Thank you!

Preschool Curriculum & Activities Program

Berry Best Preschool Activities Program is a monthly home preschool program packed with preschool curriculum and preschool activities. Click here to order, or call 443-244-3571 for your preschool curriculum kit.

New Packaging! Each day in a bag!

We are packaging our preschool program to make it easier and trouble-free for you, the parent, grand parent, child care provider or preschool teacher. We know how valuable time is and who has time to fumble through preschool program papers and preschool craft items? You don't have to match any of the preschool activities together. Everything is organized for you to begin your preschool teaching. Can you believe we are packaging each day in a bag? Yes! We have listened to our customers and we want to make teaching fun and not complicated! When you open up your preschool program box, you will find quality pre-packaged bags. In each bag you will find the preschool program instruction sheet, the preschool curriculum, the preschool activity and the accessory item that is needed to make that craft. The accessory items vary for each craft and they are specially bagged and labeled and placed in that day's bag as well. The preschool program bags that we are using are re-sealable bags. You can pull things out and place any extra items back in and seal it back up. No need to tear, cut and frustrate yourself with opening up each preschool program day. We offer a unique home preschool program that you won't find anywhere else! Read on and find out the details.

The monthly home preschool program offers two preschool activities per day, one craft and one preschool curriculum. Some days there may be a third preschool activity in addition to the craft and learning curriculum. This would be either, a finger play, story, or a tracing preschool curriculum worksheet. All of these preschool activities will keep your child, daycare or home schooling group busy learning and having fun.

Our preschool program is designed for daycare providers, parents and at home school teaching. The preschool curriculum and crafts are developed for a mixed age group for early childhood ages 2-5. The preschool curriculum teaches children the essential requirements to prepare your child or childcare group for kindergarten.

Preschool Activity

Our preschool activities are thematic in our preschool program. The crafts and preschool curriculum are structured and designed with various learning styles that incorporate specific themes in each lesson plan. Our preschool activities also revolve around the letters of the month. While the childcare group learns letters in the alphabet, they also create craft projects that relate to the learning home school assignments.

As a resource for childcare providers, parents and home school teachers, we provide an outline that lists the preschool curriculum and crafts for the learning projects each month. A detailed calendar and teaching instruction sheets are included in the preschool program as well. The teaching instruction sheets will guide you through the preschool activities and the monthly curriculum. The calendar will keep you organized at your busiest times.

Accessories Included and Affordable!

The monthly preschool program includes all of the craft accessories. As a daycare provider, parent or home school teacher, time is limited. We provide all of the craft accessories so you don't have to spend extra time and money searching for them. There are a lot of accessories as we try to add accessories to as many craft projects to keep it creative and interesting for the children. An abundance of craft accessories, and two or more preschool activities are all reasons why our preschool program is so affordable!

Call us with your questions or click on the FAQ page with answers to questions on preschool curriculum and monthly preschool program that you might already have. Also, you will find information on how you can receive a discount!