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preschool crafts


A home preschool program packed with preschool activities.

Preschool Curriculum

Our preschool program offers creativity every month and it is structured so your child or group will learn as they are having fun! The child care preschool program reviews different letters, numbers, colors, shapes each month. In addition, we review and focus on other essential skills that are needed. These would include: sizes, matching, opposites, same and different and much more. The seven domains of school readiness are incorporated in our preschool activities (crafts and preschool curriculum). These would include social and personal development, language, scientific thinking, social studies, arts and health. All of these are integrated in the preschool activities throughout the month.

Arts and Crafts

Our preschool program offers the most creative arts and crafts activities. We recognize the importance of exploration in imagination and creation that early childhood requires. Our child care preschool program provides this through our innovative preschool activities. The crafts will reflect on two different preschool themes per month in addition to the projects that relate to the alphabet for that month too. To list a few of these preschool activities are: animals, people, puppets, objects, nature/health/seasonal projects and more! In addition to the adventure in creating, they will also be enhancing coordination and building upon skills.

Our Preschool Program

The composition of this preschool program is all about early childhood and what the children need to learn through the preschool activities and preschool curriculum. Our preschool program is child centered. If itís not meaningful to the children, they wonít learn the essential facts and skills that are passed on to them.

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