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Toddler Program

Berry Best Preschool now offers a toddler program for ages 18-24 months. Now the younger children can be included in the group by making a fun and learning project that is age appropriate for them. Their activities will be easy and simple to create while they are using their imagination and having fun. The toddlers will be working on projects that are almost the same as what the preschoolers work on each day. Hence, the preschool program activities and the toddler program activities will relate to each other. You as the preschool teacher can talk about the same preschool craft and all of the children will be able to listen and understand at the same time! No cutting is involved in the toddler program activities.

The toddler program consists of one craft each day. Our crafts are fun and creative and they are educational as well. Our crafts focus on the letters reviewed for each month and the themes that are being taught for each month. The children will be learning while they are using their imagination. This is what makes our preschool program and our toddler program unique from other programs. If an accessory is needed to complete the craft, it will be included in the program too.

Order the toddler program in addition to the preschool program and get everyone involved in having fun!

Toddler Program Description

Contents of the program include for EACH day:

  • 1 craft
  • Theme related number flashcards of strips
  • Theme related letter flashcards of strips
  • Bagged accessories for each craft

Examples of accessories include: wiggly eyes, craft sticks, tissue, straws, bags, cones, cellophane, foam pieces, wood pieces, stickers, beads, yarn, buttons, shred, fasteners, mosaic pieces, shape punches, felt pieces, foil, material, glitter, pom poms, fur, feathers and special order theme pieces.

Summary of what is reviewed EACH month:

  • 3-4 letters
  • 1-3 numbers
  • Shape Day
  • Health Day
  • Story Day
  • (2) Themes
  • Holidays integrated in months as well.